Are You Grumpy, Santa?

Are You Grumpy, Santa? - Gregg Spiridellis, Evan Spiridellis

Are You Grumpy, Santa?, by Greg and Evan Spiridellis, is about Santa having a really, really bad day.  Everything goes wrong before his night of delivering toys and his bad luck continues once his delivery trip has started.  Finally, he gives up and yells that he's a really grumpy Santa.  Shortly afterwards, he sees a note and some cookies left by a child.  When he reads the note and eats the cookies, it makes his grumpies disappear.


Are You Grumpy, Santa? teaches a lesson in how doing good deeds can make a difference in how other people feel.  Showing that you care can make a real difference in someone elses day or life.  This is a great lesson for children in the early or later elementary grades, though upper grades might have less interest in the study.  This story can be a great writing prompt for relating personal experiences and feelings.