Miss Spider's Wedding

Miss Spider's Wedding - David Kirk, Antoinette White

Miss Spider's Wedding, by David Kirk, is a book about true love. Miss Spider meets Holly and they get married, despite his rival's best efforts. It is a sweet tale of loving someone for who they are, not what they look like. The illustrations are bright and beautiful.  The book is written in rhyming verse that really paints a picture of the story.  Students may already be familiar with the characters in the story from watching the Miss Spider's Sunny Patch cartoons, which take place after Holly and Miss Spider are married and have children.


Miss Spider's Wedding is a book that would be enjoyed by any elementary grade.  Older students will pick up on nuances in the story that younger students might miss.  Many topics can lead to futher discussion and writing opportunites, such as bullying, friendship, determination, and bravery. The youngest students will just love hearing the story and looking at the pictures, without realizing they are being exposed to new vocabulary along the way.