Frozen Big Golden Book (Disney Frozen) - Walt Disney Company

Frozen, by Walt Disney Company, tells the story of two princesses in a far away land.  Kept apart in the palace where they both live due to an accident involving Elsa's freezing powers, the girls are reunited after the death of their parents. At Elsa's coronation, Anna falls in love and Elsa's powers become known to the everyone.  After freezing the whole kingdom, Elsa runs away and Anna follows after her, leaving the kingdom in the hands of her new beau. Along the way, Anna meets Kristoff and Olaff, who help her locate her sister.  Elsa rejects Anna, again accidentally subjecting her sister to her freezing powers.  In the end, the two sisters reuinite and Anna is saved by her sister's love.  Elsa learns to control her power, Anna falls for Kristoff, the kingdom is thawed, and everyone lives happily ever after.



Frozen is a book any elementary school child, especially girls, will enjoy.  Most will already be familiar with it from seeing the movie of the same name.  This is another great story to use as a writing prompt. When teaching point of view, students can write the story from a different characters point of view. They can also write about what happens after the book ends. This book would also be a hit as a readers' theater piece.