When Santa Lost His Ho! Ho! Ho!

When Santa Lost His Ho! Ho! Ho! - Laura Rader

In When Santa Lost His Ho! Ho! Ho!, by Laura Rader it's just a few days before Christmas when Santa realizes he can no longer say ho! ho! ho!  Everyone tries to help: Mrs. Claus, the doctor, and even the elves, but no one can bring it back.  When the news makes it's way around the world, the world responds.  Santa recieves gifts and letters from all over the world. When Santa sees all of the greetings he's received, he gets his ho ho ho back and Christmas is back on!


This is a fun book to read in grades K - 3 during the holidays.  It lends itself well to writing activities, such as writing a letter to Santa to make him feel better or writing a newspaper article about Santa's lost ho ho ho.  Students could decorate Santas to adorn the walls or the class Christmas tree. This book teaches a sweet lesson about caring about others and how showing we care can make things better for someone else. When Santa Lost His Ho! Ho! Ho!  is a great book to read to your class as part of a lesson or just for fun.